Designations allow you to funnel campaign gifts into specific accounts. 

Every campaign form must have at least one designation to process a gift. To assign a designation, you must first setup your master list of designations. The best workflow is to add your designations to the master list and then create your forms and assign designations to them.

Adding Designations

Only users with the Administrator role have rights to add designations to the master list. When creating a new designation, enter a name and a Designation Identifier that matches your institution's designation id in your fundraising or accounting system. 

Assigning Designations To Forms

Once designations have been added to Advancement Form, these designations can then be assigned to campaign forms by users with the Campaign Creator role. 

There are three ways to assign designations to a campaign form. 

  1. Assign designations directly to the form. 
  2. Assign designations to a Designation List that allows the donor to pick and choose what designations appear on the form.
  3. Dynamically add designations to a form by including a URL parameter (or query string) that includes the designations you want to show.

Assigning Designations Directly To The Form

From the form builder, click on the "Designations" button. You will see a popup menu of all the designations that have been added to Advancement Form. Click the checkbox of each designation you want to appear on the form. Scroll down in the popup and click "Save". Once saved, these designations will appear on your form.

Using Designation Lists

Another alternative is to assign designations to a designation list that then gets assigned to the form. From the Campaign screen, add a new designation list. Once you have given it a name, you can add designations to this list and assign them to groups. Once built, you assign your designation list to the campaign form by editing the campaign and choosing your list from the "Designation List" drop down.

After you have assigned your designation list to your campaign form, a new link on your form will appear called "Choose Other Designations". Clicking this link during the online giving process will display a popup that allows the donor to pick which designations they wish to donate to.

Dynamic Designations

You can dynamically add designations to a form by including a URL parameter or query string of the designations you want to add. Add the following parameter to your URL and add one or more designations separated by commas. Assume 123 and XYZ are valid designation identifiers.  


This causes two new designations to appear on the form. Since this is sent as part of the URL, you could generate a custom URL for each prospect that includes a customized designation list.

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