Registration & Ticket Types

Registration types or ticket types allow you to track event attendance with different registration types and prices.

After creating your event, you typically want to add a "Registration" or registration type field to your form. This field enables you to capture how many people are coming to an event and optionally charge a price. Registration type fields are the only way to record the number of people coming to your event so your number attending will be accurate. You may add as many registration type fields as you need.

Early Bird Pricing

Each registration type field also requires you to set a start date/time and a stop date/time. This allows you to set various prices during your registration period. For example, you could have an "early bird" registration price that then concludes and starts a new higher price closer to the actual event.

Quantity Limits

Each registration type also allows you to set a quantity limit so you can handle limit seating / ticketing events.

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