Send a Test Email

View the video below to learn how to send a Test Email in Advancement Form.

Sending a Test Email is to make sure that the content within your email is what you wanted. You can also send test emails to other people and get their input if you would like.

Sending the Test Email

To send a test email, you can go into any campaign giving forms, event registration forms, or universal form. You’ll go to the emails tab and select any email. For the example in the video, it is in a universal form. The Thank You email is the default email that will be sent after each form submission. You’ll click on the Thank You email and add your necessary information. Then you’ll see the option Send a Test Email. On the drop-down list, you can either use a Segment of Records that you have made or using a recent transaction.

For the example, we used a recent transaction, so we clicked on Send Test Email. A new page appears with an email box on top and the sample record on the bottom. The email in the box is the one that is logged into the account, but you can change it to any email. Then the Sample Record box is a drop-down list of all the recent transactions that have been made on the form. That person’s information in the record is sent in the email in the first box. So, the email was addressed to the person in the first box, but the information in it was from the chosen record. Then you can send the test email. There is no limit to how many test emails you would like to send. 

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