HTML Email Builder

View the video below to learn how to edit an HTML Email Builder in Advancement Forms.   

This video will show how to use the HTML builder that is available within Advancement Form for no additional cost. It is a way to give your emails some color and you can edit them to fit your needs.

Using HTML Builder

For this, we’ll go into the Campaigns, to the Email, and then choose an email. For this video, we choose the Post Charge email. To use interactive html builder, go to edit email.

You’ll see the Use HTML Builder option, then click that.

Once you save those changes, you will see option to use a template for designing your emails, so all emails get designed based upon some template. You can choose any template we have to offer. There are some base templates that came with this email builder. If you click on a template, you can get a preview of what they’ll look like before you can choose one. Pick one and hit the choose button.

Now it’s chosen, hit the edit Email content. You can change images, content, add content or delete any. It's basically a graphical way to design an email.

Once you’ve made your changes, can hit the save button. But to actually save it, certain variables need to be present to actually save HTML Builder. A message will pop up saying you need the unsubscribe link, it’ll need an address, and confirmation variable. You can copy the link from the message and add it anywhere in your builder. Then click save again, so the message for the address pops up. Can copy the link and put anywhere as well. Click save again and it should be satisfied with your changes unless it is a type of email that needs confirmation. This is for confirmation such as the amount that was paid, or all the questions that were asked, or contact info.

You can insert new row and add a text block for the confirmation link. After adding that, it will successfully save. This is using one of our raw templates and making it ready for the email to be sent. To save it as a template, you’ll click Actions, then save as a template, name it, and you’re done. When you return to email, template will be there.

Templates take a bit to reload, so don’t be worried if you can’t see it at first. Once those three necessary changes are made and added to the template, whenever you edit the builder again, the messages won’t appear again.

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