Create a Transaction Segment

View the video below to learn how to create a Transaction Segment in Advancement Form.

In Advancement Form, you use segments of records to send broadcast emails. It is called a transaction-based segment because you create these segments from completed transactions. For example, campaign gifts, event registrations or universal form submissions. Transaction segments are created from reports. Let's imagine a scenario where we have an event, and we want to send a reminder this upcoming event to those who have already registered.

Making Transaction Segment

Go to segments in gray bar to make event report segment or in campaigns or in universal forms. Click the link run a Report for it.

A new screen pops up and you can put in the necessary information that you want the segment to narrow down. Then click Run Report. It makes the segment by each transaction, not by each person. When it is done running the report, it will show a list of records by the standards you put. Then you can name it and create the segment.

It will process the transaction and show you how many records are in it and where the segment was created. Even though we went through this process with an event, you can similarly create transaction segments for campaigns or universal forms.

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