Send an Email Broadcast (Transactional)

View the video below to learn how to send a Transactional Email Broadcast in Advancement Form.

This video will show how to send broadcast with the Event Report Segment we made in a previous video. Please see that video if you are unsure how to make an Event Report Segment. Let's imagine a scenario where we have an event, and we want to send a reminder of this upcoming event to those who have already registered.

Create Transaction Broadcast

To make this broadcast, you can either go into the Emails page and make a new email or go into your event and make the email there. For this video, we went to the Event. You’ll click Add an Email and put in your necessary information.

You can click the button for Transactional. If you have questions about the difference between commercial and transactional, please see our help documentation on that.

The reply-to is where an email will be sent if someone tries to reply to the broadcast email they receive. The "Include Confirmation" option will include a copy of the confirmation of the transaction in the email. This is only possible with transaction segments since we have the information about a specific transaction.

You can edit the information that will go into the email, then click Send a Broadcast.

A new page will pop up with the box to choose a segment and a time to send. We are choosing a transactional segment we created in a previous video. Keep in mind, that since this is a transaction segment, an email will be sent for each transaction. Not for each person. So if someone registered more than once, they would receive an email for each registration.

By default, this email broadcast will be sent now. That is why Send At is set to the current time. However, you can adjust this date & time to send it at date and time in the future. Then click Schedule Broadcast. 

We are tracking statistics with regards to each broadcast that is sent out. It tracks how many emails have bounced, been delayed, and actually delivered. Out of those delivered, it also shows how many have been opened, a link clicked within them and how many people unsubscribed. These statistics get updated overtime as events come in from your broadcast.

And each of these are links that takes you to the record to show information about it. So if you click on the numbers, it brings you to a screen that you can see the action. And in the case of some actions like a bounced, you can actually go into it and the properties will tell you more information about why it was bounced.

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