Create an Upload Segment

View the video below to learn how to make an Uploaded Segment in Advancement Forms.

An upload segment is where you can make your own spreadsheet of information and download it into Advancement Form.

Creating the Upload Segment

In the dropdown menu for emails there will be a section called segments we will click that to go there, and you'll see there are 2 options up top here one says Upload a File of Records and Use Segment Builder. You will be clicking on the Upload option.

Here you can upload a CSV or Excel file with email, first_name, and last_name in the headers in this format. These 3 are initially required and you can also add additional columns, and these will be merged into the emails you may send. It may take a minute to process the information onto Advancement Form. And when you go back to the Segments page, you can see the different column types that tell you how many Records are in your Segment and what Type of Segment they are. 

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