Send an Email Broadcast (Marketing/Commercial)

View the video below to learn how to send a Marketing Broadcast in Advancement Forms.

This video shows you how to send a Commercial or Marketing invitation broadcast. We want to make this as Marketing because we are just sending out invitation to a certain event and not transactional. If you have questions about the difference between commercial and transactional, please see our help documentation on that.

Creating Marketing Broadcast

You’ll go to the emails page and make sure that you have an Uploaded set of records for this broadcast. If you’re unsure what I mean, there is also help documentation on that as well. You’ll click Add an Email and when the page opens, you can put in your necessary information.

Don’t click Transaction as we want to keep this as Marketing. Then click Create Email.

You can edit the information that will go into the email, then click Send a Broadcast.

You can choose a segment of records to put in and choose a time to send the broadcast. The time that is there initially is the default, but you can change it. Then click Schedule Email Broadcast.

It will then go back to the email and statistic will appear on the side where the Broadcast is. You can see if the email was received or bounced with statistics in Advancement Form. And they change over time. 

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