Creating Additional "Thank You" Email with Trigger

View the video below to learn how to Create an Additional "Thank You" Email with a trigger in Advancement Form.

The premise of making an additional "Thank You" email with a trigger is to send an email a day or two after a gift has been made for additional acknowledgement or for stewardship purposes. Some clients have students of their institution write a letter and include this copy in a second email that gets sent after the initial Thank You.

Creating the Email

To create the email, you go to the email tab when you are in a particular campaign or event. Click create new email and put in your necessary information. Then, when you get to the "Trigger" option, you will see a drop-down list when you click on it. You'll choose "Additional Thank You Email". That flags this email as an additional "Thank You" to be sent (as opposed to a broadcast). Also, a "Delay" field appears. For the "Delay", zero means immediate or you can enter a number and select minutes, hours, or days. That way you could send out this email 6 hours later, 2 days later or whatever delay you want. The delay is from the time of their gift or registration.

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