Sending An Email Broadcast While Excluding A Segment

View the video below to learn how to send an Email Broadcast while Excluding A Segment in Advancement Form.

This video will show how a commercial or marketing broadcast is made, but we will be excluding a segment.  So let’s imagine an organization plans to send an event invitation 3 times before an event. If someone registered for an event after the first invitation, they should not receive the second and third invitation email since they already registered. That is what the exclude segment feature allows you to do. Not send invitations to people who have already registered. You use the same upload segment to send, but the system automatically excludes those via the builder segment.

Making Exclusion Broadcast

You will head to the Emails tab to create a new email. You can fill out your necessary information then create the email. Once that is loaded, you will click Send a Broadcast.

You will put your Uploaded Segment into the main placeholder but put the Builder Segment into the Exclusion placeholder. The time at the bottom is the default time, but you can change it to whenever you need. Once you’ve put the segments in and fixed your time, you click Schedule Email Broadcast.

And the broadcast is sent to those who were in your uploaded segment, but not to those in the builder segment. The statistics that will pop up will show if it was delivered or bounced, and how many were sent. These will update over time. 

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