Registration/Ticket Fields

View the video below to learn about the Registration and Ticket Fields in Advancement Form.

This video will tell you about the Registration and Ticket Fields. By default, whenever you set up a simple form with no other registration fields in it, the system assumes that only one person is signing up. But we can change that by adding the Registration Field into your form.

Adding the Field

To add the fields, you’ll click the Add a Field button on your form. Down the list, you’ll see Registration.

We are going to name this field Number Attending or whatever you’d like. You can Require it if you want. Scroll down and you can specify the price of tickets or simply leave it free.

Price deductible is, especially with fundraising and events, a portion of the price is a contribution. If a portion of the registration is a gift or deductible, then you can include that amount in the Price Deductible field.

Quantity available is how many tickets you would want to limit for the event. Say you only have 100 tickets for the event and as people register, the number would go down.

You can also define a limit per transaction. How many tickets people are limited to when they sign up for the event. Say one person can sign up to receive a limit of 5 tickets.

So now when I go to the form, you’ll see this field down here. And we can see all our specifications like the price of each ticket next to the box and it multiplies it by the number in the box. You’ll see the full price when you partially complete the form.

When people finish the form and you go to the home page of the event form, we see that there is one registration with the number of people that registered. You can even see in the Registration area in the gray bar. You click that and can see a list of people registered.

One other thing is a benefit with adding Limits to a Transaction. If you specify how many tickets to limit, a drop-down box will appear instead of having to type a number in the attending box. If you put 0 in the Limit per Transaction option, no list will appear. Instead, you will be able to type any number in the box, unless there is limited tickets. 

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