Early Bird Pricing

View the video below to learn Early Bird Pricing in Advancement Form.

This video will go over Early Bird Pricing in Advancement Form. The example in this video is in the Registration Field and deals with the time and pricing.

Creating the Early Bird Pricing

When we want to change the times for the tickets to be available, you will use the Start At and Stop At time settings. You can narrow or widen the time stamp of the pricing. This can be for cheaper tickets when you event first opens. 

Then what you want to do is create another registration type that fills in any time gaps you want and change the price of tickets. Meaning that if you had registrations open for two months, and you want one price in the first month and a different price for the second, you set up 2 Registration Fields.

You can see both on the builder, but when you go into the form, depending on the time and what you put as the time for tickets, you will see one or the other. 

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