View the video below to learn about Discounts in Advancement Form.

This video will go over Discounts you can create in Advancement Form. You will make them in the Discounts tab at the top in the gray bar. You can make discounts by percent or by amounts, like $5 off or 50% off.

Making Discounts

In the Discounts tab, you can make new Discounts. The first example in the video is a 50% percent off discount, and you can make whatever code for the discount. Since it’s a percent discount, you’ll only fill in the percent box, not amount. And you can create the discount.

So now that’s been made, we go into the form, and you can see the field for the Discount Code.

To make an amount Discount is the same process but instead of filling in the percent box, you will only fill in the amount box. The video shows a $2 discount. You can also use these interchangeably. So if you create more than one Discount, only one Discount Code field will appear.

These discounts work for the overall event, but they don’t work on the activities in the event, just for the event in general.

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