Create a Builder Segment

View the video below to learn how to Create a Builder Segment in Advancement Form.

This video will show you how to make Builder Segments. The intent of making Builder Segments could be to send a reminder or exclude records or people from a future broadcast.

Creating Builder Segment

To do this, you will head to Segments page. You will see the two options at the top, but we’ll click Segment Builder.

Here, you can dynamically build segments from the information with Advancement Form.

So for example if I just click run report for everyone, people who have made transactions will appear at the bottom. It defines people by a unique email address. And you can create a segment from these people.

But if you filter it for Campaigns, Events, or Universal Forms, you can see who has made transactions for certain forms. You can run a total report for any three or filter by certain events then by certain dates. These segments are dynamic. What it means is whenever the email broadcast is going to be run, it’s going to process this segment again.

So if someone newly signs up to this event they would be included in this segment the next time an email broadcast is sent. We have these two records, so we are going to name it Builder Segment. Then click create.

When we go back to segments, you can see the Builder, how many records, and what type it was.

With the Builder and Uploaded Segments, they make sure that the records are unique so you're not going to be sending the same email to the same person more than once. It's different because for Transaction Segments, it will send emails per transaction and not dependent if it is the same person.

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