Creating a Custom Email Layout

View the video below to learn how to Create Custom Email Layouts in Advancement Form.

This video will show you where you can put your own custom email layouts and how to make your own. Basically, this is a way to really customize the basic email layout we offer (unless you are using the HTML Email Builder).

Custom Email Layouts

You will head to the Styling Tab and see Email Custom Layouts.

There, I have 2 layouts already and these are in HTML format- Basic and Receipt. These you can design that your email content will fit into. They can be very simple- open basic layout, just an HTML document. Here are some identification in the HTML-  

{{email_html}}- where body of email will be located.

{{confirmation_html}}- a confirmation that will be displayed. As a result of gift, it records the gift confirmation.

{{footer_html}}- footer will go here.

The Receipt Email HTML is a bit more complicated as it has an image but still has the body html, confirmation, and footer. You can add your own HTML for custom emails.

Once you’ve made your email layouts, you can then choose which emails will have a certain layout. In the video, we went to any campaign. Then to the Emails tab and chose any email. When you click the Edit Email, you will see the drop-down list for Email Layout. Blank is just the default layout that comes with the system. You can define additional layouts for your emails.

Now you don't have to hand code your own custom email. You can use other services that will generate the HTML for you. The first tool is It is used prominently in the enterprise; it basically sets up a way to use and design emails and can use them across different clients. The second is They are an agency that designs emails for you. You could contract with them to make templates to use in Advancement Form. Last is This is a designing tool website to create emails.

We have our own built-in HTML Email Builder that when you enable the HTML builder option in editing an email, you can choose different styles and it has a drag and drop interface to design your emails. We have a support video available on that to learn more.

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