Quantity Fields

View the video below to learn Quantity Fields in Advancement Form.

This video goes over quantity fields. Quantity fields are like registration field, but they do not impact the number of people attending.

Making Quantity Fields

In this video, we created an event where we are selling items to people registering. You would click the Add a Field button and choose Quantity.

In the video, we put T-shirts as the item we are selling. The fields at the bottom of the field are essentially the same as in the registration fields. As you can add any price. Price deductible is, especially with fundraising and events, a portion of the price is a contribution. If a portion of the registration is a gift or deductible, then you can include that amount in the Price Deductible field. Quantity available is how many tickets or items you would want to limit for the event. Say you only have 100 items for the event and as people register, the number would go down. You can also define a limit per transaction. How many items people are limited to when they sign up for the event. Say one person can sign up to receive a limit of 5 items.

The reason why is called a quantity field is that, again these are very much like a registration field, as in you can go and put a limit per transaction, a price deductible, and a quantity of how many items you have. And again, when you put in a limit, it will show as a dropdown box with the amount limited. But if you put zero as limit per transaction, it will just be a box where you can type in any number.

Another things is how you handle different T-Shirt colors or sizes. The best way to handle this is with multiple Quantity Fields. Basically, every combination of T-shirt types should have its own Quantity Field because each is actually its own product. So, if you have two different colors and 5 different sizes, you will need 10 fields. The other added benefit of this is that each type can have its own price and own quantity available.

On the home page of any event, you can see, without going to the builder, what attendee fields you have and quantity fields you have. And again, these are like registration fields, but they do not affect the number of people attending.

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