RSVP Field

View the video below to learn how to send an Email Broadcast while Excluding A Segment in Advancement Form.

This video will talk about the RSVP field. It is a field only found in events and when you start a new form, it appears automatically, and you cannot delete it, but you can hide it, so it does not show on the form. It also, by default on the form, is on the yes option, but you can change that.

RSVP Field

This field lets the organizer know who’s coming and who’s not.

If a registrant chooses "No", two things are ignored:
1. The number of attendees setting will be ignored and will be set to zero.
2. All custom attendee questions will be ignored.

All information is still required on the form. Also, custom registration questions are still processed. This enables you to ask for a donation or an item purchase even if the registrant is not attending. However, please be aware, if you set any custom questions as required, they will also be required for "No" RSVPs.

There is also an email that is sent out to those who have RSVPed as No. In the emails tab, you’ll see the confirmation thank you, rsvp no, and waitlist emails.

When someone RSVPS No, they’re telling you they are unable to attend an event, you want to communicate to them differently than if they are coming. For example, you may want to thank them for letting you know and that you hope to see them at your next event. This type of information can be conveyed with customized headers or footers for the confirmation and thank you pages as well as the thank you email that gets sent to them.

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