Waive Registration Payment

View the video below to learn how to Waive Registration Payment in Advancement Form.

This video will go over Waiving Registration Payments. Now this is something special that is on the event module. So basically, if you are logged into Advancement Form and you have the rights to do it, like you have registrar permissions, you can waive payments.

Waiving Payments

If you are an event registrar or administrator, you can see the complete registration and waive payment button at the end of completing a form on someone’s behalf.

In the video, we filled the form out and $10 is due. However, because I am logged in and have registrar permissions, you’ll see the Complete Registration and Waive Payment button at the top.

So maybe you are registering someone on the board and want to give them a comp ticket or someone who’s speaking at the event, and you want to give them comp ticket, you can do it this way. And when you do it, there’s no payment required because it automatically completes the transaction. When you click the button and complete the transaction, you can go to the home page, can see that in the purchases chart, that the transaction we just did was 0.

Also in the Registered tab in the gray bar, can see the total amount 0 and in the registered ID, can see the payment was waived at the top.

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