Add to Calendar

View the video below to learn about the Add to Calendar links in Advancement Form.

The video above will talk about the Calendar Links you can use in events. Now, these are enabled by default. If you want to disable them for the event as a whole, you can go edit the event and check this box. Or if you want to disable them for activities, you will go into the activity from either the home page or the activity tab and check the box.

Calendar Links

So these appear once you’ve signed up/paid for tickets to an event. After you have paid for the tickets and are on the last form page, you will see three different Calendar Links for different calendars attendees may use. Up at the very top are Calendar Links for the event as a whole, then under the Activities are Calendar Links as well. The activity Calendar Links are there because if you just use the link for the top one, it doesn’t include the activities that may be within the event.

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