Event Lists

View the video below to learn about the Event Lists in Advancement Form.

The video above will go over Event Lists. So Event Lists are designed to be a user facing list of events that people can search through and look to see what events are upcoming for a particular institution.

Finding Event Lists

To find the event lists, you would go the gear icon in the top right and look through the list to see Event Lists.

Here, you can create one or more event lists. You can see in the video that there is one named Default and if you go click Edit, you can rename it.

Headline is the text at the top of the list when you open it. You can name it whatever you would like, but for the example it is Event List.

Sub Headline is the same, another headline under the main one.

For Tags, if you don’t have any Tags, it will pull all public events and place them on the Event List. Because when you create an event, you can make it public or private and only public events are going to show up.

The alternative is that you can create different tags and you can tag an event and then you can assign this list to pull up those tagged events. So with, say the alumni office has a whole set of events, you could put a tag of alumni on it, and they could have an alumni list of events. So, this list here is basically pulling all the public events without regard to a tag.

Now to show how it works, you would click the Host List option when you click on Choose and you can search for a specific event.  

We can search for events, so we will look up something with free in the title or in description.

 You can search within a zip code range or a particular distance to see what’s taking place. And this is for events where they are putting in the actual location so that we can do a zip code search.

To see the list of events here on the event lists page, much like with the forms, we could either host the event list for you, embedded is where you can embed it into your website, or get the embed code to put on your website . You can create as many event lists as you want to. That would only be important if you want to start tagging events and you want them to appear on different lists. 

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