Registration Packages

View the video below to learn about Registration Packages in Advancement Form.

This video above will talk about Registration Packages. Packages only appear when you have Activities and Attendee Fields enabled on your event. What packages do is basically you buy a package to a set of activities. When you select signing up for the package, you are automatically signed up for both or all activities. People would do this when there is a good deal for the activities. These are also here as the easy way to sign up for both or all activities, but you still have the option sign up for only a few if you wanted.

Making Registration Packages

For the example in the video, the Golf Outing activity is $15, and the President’s Dinner is $25 for adults. So that would mean, if you would go to both activities, the combined price would be $40.

So to make the packages, we are just going to go into the event and make sure that Activities and Attendee Fields are enable so we can see the Packages tab in the gray bar. Remember what Activities you made. And to make the package activity, we are just going to make a new Activity and name is Activity Package. You can put the field wherever, but it might be easier at the top.

Now to put our activities in the package, we are going to make a Free Registration Field in each Activity. To know identify it as only for the Package, we will name it the Activity’s Package Reg. Also, we have to make the Registration Fields Free for the Package.

Now, to make the Package, we’ll click the tab up here. Then click Add Registration Package.

We then need to choose the Activity Package Reg, not any of the Activity’s Reg. Just choose the Activity Package Registration.

When we select that, this screen will pop up.

“These registration fields need to be a part of another activity and have their price set at zero. If you do not see a registration field for an activity you want to add (or do not see the Add button), be sure to add an additional registration to that activity and make sure its cost is $0.”

This is why we put those activity’s new registration fields with a price of 0. Otherwise, the ones we do have with prices will not appear in the drop-down list.

Also, since those Package Registration Fields that were in the activities are in the Package, they will not appear in the form to sign up for the event. So now you can add the Registrations in the Package.

You can then go back into the Builder, to the Activity Package area and edit the price for the Activity Package Registration.

Now we see an example in the form. If you select the Package, it will show that the price for it is $30 near the end of the transaction. You would pay for the package and get both activities for a cheaper price. It packages up, at a reduced rate, a number of activities. So essentially, they are activity packages.

The image above is the price for the Package and the image below is the individual Activities.

The idea is to give you a discount if you’re going to be attending more than one activity at a time. Again, we have the package option incase people don’t want to go to both and want to go to one or the other. 

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