Attendee Lists

View the video below to learn about and create Attendee Fields in Advancement Form.

This video will be talking about Attendee Lists.

Making Attendee Lists

So if you go into any event, to the edit form option in the gray bar, and scroll down, this is where you can find the option to Publish Attendee Lists. These allow you to either embed in your own website or allow us to do produce for you, that you can direct people to. It’s a list of people who are coming. And you can hover over the question marks here to tell you what Attendee Lists Fields/Filters are. And we can update the form.

Now when we enable it, 2 things happen. First, a new link appears next to Page and Form Links up here. If we click on it, we can see the list of people signed up to attend.

The second thing is that a new field appears in the form. It asks whether or not the person signing up is actually attending as well. If they are, they will be in the attendee list. And if they so choose, can click the no button to not be added to the attendee list.

When someone chooses the Yes button in completing the form, they will get added to the list.

If they choose No, they will not appear on the list.

Attendee List Location

You attendee list will appear at the following URL: where EVENT_ID is the id of your event.

You can get your EVENT_ID by looking at the number in the url while editing your form or the number in the url when viewing your registration form.

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