Attendee Fields

View the video below to learn about and create Attendee Fields in Advancement Form.

This video will walk through Event Attendee Fields. Attendee fields are for collecting information about each attendee. Basically, each attendee gets their own set of fields to enter their information such as First & Last Name or maybe their class year. To get started, make sure you have added at least one registration field to your form. These are important because they track how many attendees are coming to the event and this information is used to generate the correct number of attendee fields.

How to Edit Attendee Fields

We will go into an event, and you’ll see the area called Attendee Fields. By default, they are not enabled, but if you go into the Event Edit option in the gray bar, you can enable the Fields or not.

To add fields for people to fill in the necessary information you need, you will click Add a Field. The same options for the form builder are listed and you can add whatever fields you need. For an example in the video, we chose Text Fields for First and Last name and Class Year. We required them and that is how to get their information. And the last example was a Radio Button fields to get information on Meal Preferences.

So when we open up a visual for the form people can fill out, you'll notice an Attendee Area at the bottom. If you auto fill the boxes on the top with information, that first person will automatically be put in as the first Attendee. It will auto-fill the person registering into the First Attendee Name Fields. You can always change it if needed.

Registrations fields determine how many attendee fields appear. Therefore, you need to have at least one on a form. If we put 2 in the Number Attending option, another Attendee Area will appear to fill out and so forth. Also, if there is no Registration Field on the form, the Attendee Area will not appear.

Having one or more registration fields is essential for attendee fields to work. The system counts how many people are attending based upon the totals of all the registration fields (you can have more than one on a form). There is a video on Registration Fields if you are unfamiliar with this field. 

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