Multi-Priced Event

View the video below to learn about and create Multi-Priced Events in Advancement Form.

This video will show how to make a Multi-Priced Event. This is just to show you that you can make different priced fields in one event. And show how you can purchase multiple types of tickets.

Making a Multi-Priced Event

So say you have the initial event, and you want to make different ticket prices and/or sell merchandise to the people signing up. In the event, we are going to make the different priced fields which are Registrations Fields. If you don’t know how Registration Fields work, there is a help document on these. We can make as many as we want but for this example, we will just do 3 different priced fields. Now these are just examples as you can determine what the fields will be for and at what prices.

The first one will be Adult Tickets, at $20.

The second Registration Field will be for Children Tickets at $10.

Then the third Registration Field will be for Sponsor tickets, at $100.

It depends on you if you want to limit the tickets or not on your Registration Fields. Again, you can make as many Registration Fields as you like for many types of tickets or merchandise.

This is an example of someone who purchased 2 adult tickets and 3 child tickets.

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