Event Capacities

View the video below to learn about and create Event Capacities in Advancement Form.

This video will talk about the Event Level Capacities you can enable for your events. For these specifically, it is the entire event, but you can do capacities for the individual activities, that I will show in another video and help document.


So to make a Capacity for the event overall, if you first make it, you would go to Edit the event and find the Capacity box and you can input any number you would like. 

And when you go to the home page of the event, you see in the top corner the capacity and who’s attending. There are Event wait lists help documentation if you need it.

In the video, there is a small capacity so I can show an example of when someone signs up and capacity is full. When the capacity has been reached the message “Sorry, but this event's capacity has been reached” will show on the screen and not allow anyone to sign up for the event.

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