Activity Wait List

View the video below to learn about and create Activity Wait Lists in Advancement Form.

The video above talks about Activity Wait List. These are for the Activities only and not for the Event as a whole.

Wait Lists

To enable the Wait List, you would go the to the Activity tab on the gray bar. When you either make new Activities or editing ones you have already made, you would see the Enable Wait List check box. . By default, it is not enabled, but when you check it off, people can be added to the wait list if you have put a capacity number in the Capacity box. You will need to put a Capacity in order for the wait list to work. We have help documentation on Activity Capacities if you need it. Just check it, and then create/update the Activity.

For this example, since I put a small capacity, I am going to give an example of what happens when the capacity has been reached to activate the wait list. The words Wait List in red will appear before the person even starts to sign up for activities, just to let them know that they will be on the wait list.

And when they complete the registration, it still has the message that they will be on the wait list. It doesn’t say on the home page or in the Registered tab if they are on the wait list, you would need to find them.

If you want to remove people from the Wait List, you would go to the registration tab, click on their registered ID, and edit their registration.

We scroll down to the Activity and click the No option to take them off the wait list. Then they are off the list and invited to the activity.

They will also get an email for when they are on the wait list when they sign up and for when they are accepted to the activity.

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