Crowdfunding Rewards

View the video below to learn about and create Rewards of Crowdfunding Campaigns in Advancement Form.

The video will go over the Rewards tab in a Crowdfunding Campaign form. These are for if someone reaches a certain giving level, you’ll want to give a reward. That is what this tab is for.

Creating Rewards

To create one, you will click Create Reward.

It will automatically put in what Reward Type it is.

The Minimum box is the amount that if someone donates that amount or more, the reward will apply to them. Quantity is how many of the reward item you want to give away. Then you can put the name of the Reward that you are giving. For the example, it is a commemorative sweatshirt.

You can then put any description you’d like, then click Create Reward.

This only appears in the About tab on the right side of the screen. It is called Incentives, or you can change it by going into Edit the Form up here and scrolling all the way down. The quantity amount will update as stock runs out.

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