Crowdfunding Uploaded Gifts

View the video below to learn about and create Uploaded Gifts of Crowdfunding Campaigns in Advancement Form.

The video above will talk about the Upload tab in a Crowdfunding Campaign form.

So when gifts are coming in not through Advancement Form, for example over the phone or people bring in checks. You could put those in, say, an excel spread sheet and then upload that sheet into the Upload tab to update the donors and totals of everything. You could do it here, or manually put in the numbers in the Edit Campaign page.

Creating Uploads

To upload your spread sheets, click Add an Upload this page will appear.

It gives you these instructions at the top. You can upload a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. You will need to match each header as the ones in the list, even to the capitalization. You will need to put in all these headers, but the only ones that require information to be in the spreadsheet are the ones with the red asterisk.

You can then choose a file from your system and create it.  It will take a few seconds to process. Then, it will then appear as a list with all the information you put in.

It will update the page and also let you know if there were any errors in red lettering above the list. And it will show in the Upload list how many records on in the file. Also if you need, you can delete the file if there were issues that you can’t fix or don’t need.

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