Activities/Sub Events

View the video below to learn about and create Activities or Sub Events in Advancement Form.

The video above goes over Activities or Sub Events. These are unique only to Events. Now, before you start using activities, you want to make sure that you have turned on Attendee Fields and Activities. Also, you will need at least one registration field as well to track the number of attendees for each registration.

Making Activities

So to create your Activities, we’ll go to the home screen of your event and click the Add an Activity tab in the gray bar up top.

Activities are like sub events. So imagine a reunion is a multi-day event and say you have about 15 events going on within the reunion. Each day would have a particular dinner or a particular type of entertainment that you would like to entertain your guests with.

You can label the activities whatever you'd like but for the example in the video we're going to call it Golf Outing. And with the settings in the Activity, you can set the time for the activity. You can specify the location and capacity of the activity.

You'll see that there is an option to enable a Wait List. What happens is that when the capacity for the Activity has been hit, people will be placed on a Wait List. The number of people on the waitlist is on the home page of your event. There is a video and help document on Waitlists if you have any issues.

You'll see that there is an option for Adding the Activity to a Calendar and I'll go over that in another video, but it will appear at the end of the transaction when people sign up for the event.

At the bottom of the screen is the Confirmation Details and this is extra details that will appear on the confirmation page and e-mail for this activity after a successful registration. It does not appear until someone has registered for the activity. Then when you are done, we Create the Activity.

So on the home page of the Event, you can see the Activity has been created and it has made a new registration type for the activity.

Also for the Activity, you'll need a Number of Attending or Registration Field for attendee slots to appear for the Activity in your event. Because the system automatically assumes that the person that's signing up for the event is the only attendee, it needs that Registration Field to fill in for the activities that the event may have. You also see that the activity has been made below the Attendee Fields area.

To edit the Registration Field in the Activity, you will have to click the pen icon when you hover over the field. You can edit how much the registration will cost, as say as a ticket. You can require the field if wanted. Price deductible is, especially with fundraising and events, a portion of the price is a contribution. If a portion of the registration is a gift or deductible, then you can include that amount in the Price Deductible field.

Quantity available is how many tickets you would want to limit for the event. Say you only have 100 tickets for the event and as people register, the number would go down. You can also define a limit per transaction. How many tickets people are limited to when they sign up for the event. Say one person can sign up to receive a limit of 5 tickets. The prices do not show up until they are done completing the form.

Now if I go into the form, you’ll see the Activity below with the option to add the person signing up to the activity. Also, when the number of people attending changes, it shows additional attendee checkboxes to sign them up as well.

Now, for another example, we are going to make another Activity, and for a typical reunion, there would be like a college president dinner that people me attend so we'll name it that. You can set whatever time and will say that the capacity is 100 so only 100 people can sign up. And we'll create the activity.

So now you can see that, for the president dinner, that it has the 0/100 in the attendees column. So you can see how many people have signed up and if it's reaching capacity or not. You can also dabble in the pricing of activities. There are other videos and help documents on pricing in Activities that explain better.


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