Create A Crowdfunding Form

View the video below to learn about and create Crowdfunding Campaigns in Advancement Form.

The video above will talk about creating a Crowdfunding Form in Campaigns.

In the Campaigns, you have the option to make your form a Crowdfunding form to put on your website to collect donations for your institution.

Creating Crowdfunding Form

To make the form, you will go into Campaigns and Add a Campaign.

You will put the necessary information then look for the Page Type drop down list. You will choose Crowdfunding. Normally it is on None, but to get the crowdfunding form, you choose that.

You can then put in the necessary information below that. Then, a new area will appear near the bottom of the form called Crowdfunding Specific Settings.

Donor Goal is the target number of Donor's you want to reach with this campaign. This drives the progress percentage and bar that appears on the main Crowdfunding page.

Dollar goal is the target number of dollars you want to reach with this campaign.

Usually, only a dollar goal or donor goal is set, not both since either one of these control the progress percentage and progress bar. It’s the same thing with Add Dollars.

The image is the main picture you see when you go into the form, and you choose a photo from you images in the Styling tab or download images into Advancement Form and then use them.

The time in the Crowdfunding settings determines when the campaign starts and ends. It is separate from the form. You can set the form up early so people start giving early and can have the form as late as you want. This is separate from the page you go to donate.

About the Show Give Button Between. The option it is on allows the campaign to start and stop on its time that you set. But can change it to when it starts on the campaigns time and ends on the forms time.

About the Donor List. When you check it, this list will appear for people to choose what they want shown. The first is Name and Amount. It will have 3 options that people can choose to show about them when they donate.

If you choose the other option in the drop-down list, the Name Only, only 2 options will appear.

You can then put any other information that will appear on the donation page, and you can enable the Slide Carousel option to have multiple pictures as a slider in the page.

You can edit the section headers’ text for About, Notices, Updates, Rewards,  Incentives, Donors, and   Causes, or you can keep them as they are then create the form.

You see these different tabs for the Crowdfunding campaign. There are help documentation on those tabs. 

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