Crowdfunding Volunteers

View the video below to learn about and create Volunteers of Crowdfunding Campaigns in Advancement Form.

The video above will talk about the Volunteer tab in the crowdfunding campaign form.

This tab allows you to manually put in a volunteer for the form. It allows volunteers to have their own volunteer giving page with their own goals for a given Crowdfunding campaign.

Creating Volunteers

To make one, you just click Add a Volunteer.

You can add whosever’s name and by default, the URL name auto fills with the name you enter. However, you can easily change the URL to something else. You can also assign the volunteer to a cause or not. So what that means is when someone gives on their page, it will be counted into the cause that they are giving. For any particular volunteer, you can set their donor or dollar goal, whichever one. And then you can create the Volunteer.

And that enables the volunteer section on the Donation page.

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