Crowdfunding Media Slider

View the video below to learn about and create the Media Slider of Crowdfunding Campaigns in Advancement Form.

The video above will go over the Slider tab in a Crowdfunding Campaign Form.

The slider is to show multiple pictures in one place. Now, the Slider tab is for the campaign as a whole, it’s the main one you see. But you can also add slider pictures to the causes as well in the same way.

Creating Media Slider

You would click Add a Carousel Item and name it whatever is relevant. Then you can choose a picture from you images you have in advancement form or download new ones into advancement form or put in YouTube link. You could also choose to Autoplay the YouTube link if you wish. Then click Create Carousel Item.

You could also use the four-sided arrow icon and choose the order in which you want the images and/or videos to appear in. 

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