Crowdfunding Donor Message

View the video below to learn about and create Donor Messages of Crowdfunding Campaigns in Advancement Form.

The video above will go over how to enable Crowdfunding Donor Messages. What this does is you choose a field from your form to display donor messages under the person’s name on the donor list.

Donor Messages

To make one, you will go into the builder and add a text field to the form. You can name the field what you want, this example I am putting My Message. Then click create.

This would be the donor’s message that will be publicly displayed. When you create the field, you will need to go into the Campaign editing page, scroll down to Donor List Message Field, click on the drop-down list to see the field you created and click update form.

Now, when the donor list is displayed, their message will appear under their name.

On the form, it is just a text box so donors can put anything they want here.

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