Event Giving Field

View the video below to learn about and create an Event Giving Field in Advancement Form.

The video above will cover the Event Giving Field. What this does is it creates gifts in the Giving system.

Event Giving Field

To enable it, you go into the Event editing page. You scroll down near the bottom to find the box for Event Giving Field.

When you check it, you will need to choose a Designation List you have made. It will not work without one. The box under it, Enable Other Designation, is optional.

Once you turn the Giving Field on, you can go into the form and see the Giving area is what it pulls up at the bottom of the form. The Select box on the form pulls in your designations or can put others underneath in the Other Designation box. You can also add multiple Designations to give too. Again, the Other Designation is option all this is what appears when you have not enabled it.

There is one thing that is required before the Enable Giving Field can be used. You must have an "Other" Designation Type first. If you click on the gear icon in the top menu and select Designation Types, you should see your Designation Types. You need to have an “Other” Designation, or an error message will appear.

And when you do that, it should allow you to create the new Giving Field. It would appear at the bottom of the builder form.

And when someone gives, you can see in the Registration tab, that someone gave. The Gift To registration is what shows up when someone gives to the event instead of signing up.

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