Image Resizing

View the video below to learn about Resizing Images in Advancement Form.

This video helps with Image Resizing within Advancement Forms. This is to help when you upload large images, and you need to resize them in your forms. You can upload as large of an image as you like, you can change the size of it easily. If need a small image and it only appears large, you need a way to get it smaller to help with bandwidth.

Image Resizing

So when I go into my images, and hit Ctrl then click the image, it will open in a new tab.

In the Images video, it shows how you can copy the image and past the URL where HTML is allowed. All that is being copied is the URL in the search bar. So if you change the size, all you would do it copy the URL up top to where you want the image.

What I will show you is how to change the Width of the image. What you do is in the URL, after the word "upload", you add a forward slash = /, then an underscore = _, and a number.

This allows bandwidth to be saved and your page to load faster wherever you are putting the images in Advancement Forms. And when you get to the size you like, just copy the URL, and paste it where HTML allows.

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