Address and Phone Types

View the video below to learn about the Address and Phone Types withing Advancement Form.

The video above goes over the Address and Phone Fields in Advancement Forms. These are in all three of the forms. The address fields and phone fields allow you to add field_choices to them. If you do, this enables Address types and Phone types respectively. This allows you to add things like Home or Business or maybe Cell for phones. This option then appears on the form and is required.

Address and Phone Types

These fields appear already on your forms when you create new forms. You can click the pen icon and edit the fields. At the bottom of each editing page, you can add new field choices. For the address, you may want to put Business of Home options.

When you are done making the Field Choices and update the field, you will see that there is a new option at the top of the field called Address Type. It is a drop-down list with the choices you put for people to select as the type of Address.

The same can be done for the Phone Field. When you go into the editing page, at the bottom is the area to add Field Choices. Some examples in the video are Home, Business, or Cell.

And once you are done adding your Field Choices and update the Field, you see there is a new option in the Phone Field called Phone Types. This also has the choices you added in the field.

That way, when people sign up on the forms, you know the best way to contact them should you need to. 

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