Minimum Amount Total

View the video below to learn about the Minimum Amount Total feature within Advancement Form.

The video above will go over the Minimum Amount Total. This feature is available on every Campaign, Event & Universal Form on the FORM EDIT screen. It only allows forms to be submitted if a certain threshold amount is reached. This allows form creators to set certain minimums.

Minimum Total Amount

So if I go into the form edit for an event form for an example, it is here near the bottom. It is a text box so you can enter a number if you have a certain threshold for the form.

To show how this works, the form has a $3 Number Attending Field for when people sign up. Because it is $3, the form will not allow the person to continue the transaction and a message will appear at the top for the reason.

Since we put the example number as 5, the registration amount has to be that number or higher. So if the Number Attending price is changed to $10, then it would let the person signing up to continue. 

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