Gift Amount Triggered Field

View the video below to learn about the Gift Amount Triggered Field within Advancement Form.

The video above talks about Gift Amount Triggered Fields, or what they are called on the form as Show When Gift Amount, that is in Campaigns and Events only. This feature is FIELD EDIT screens of the different fields you may add. It controls when a field appears on the form.

Gift Amount Triggered Fields

To find it, you would click to add a field and choose any of the fields. When you scroll to the bottom of the field edit screen, you see the text box with 0s. You can put any number that will show the gift that is up to that amount.

By default it is set at zero which means the field will always show. However, you can set it to something greater than zero. For example, if it is set to 5, the field will only show if a $5 or more gift is made. This does not affect amounts that are not gifts. It must be a gift on the Campaign Form or use the Event Giving feature on the Event Form.

To show how this works, as the example, the number is 5. So when someone gives that number or more, the field will show up. So in the video, there is an Extra Donations Field at the bottom in the builder. And that has the 5 trigger number.

On the hosted form, it does not appear.

But when someone gives $5 or more, that field will show up at the bottom.

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